SDA Melbec Lamb's
SDA Melbec
4-4-19  /  Ram
Black TGH/ 2-Horn / Tw
N-CSA Reg.#:  Pending
      Bonnie Barcus
      Spin Dance Acres
To see a larger picture of each lamb, click on the lambs picture.
Starting to work on breeding paperwork for each lamb.  I will add them as I get them done.
Click on the blue underlined name of a lamb to see that lambs background.

SDA Felicia
3-9-20  /  Ewe
Black TGH / Polled / Tw
Dam:  SDA Marissa
SDA Judy
3-15-20  /  Ewe
Brn.Badger-Swiss / 2-Horn / S
Dam:  SDA Justeen
SDA Dominique
3-17-20  /  Ewe
Black / 2-Horn / S
Dam:  SDA Ozette
SDA Fargo
3-9-20  /  Ram
Black TGH / 4-Horn / Tw
Dam:  SDA Marissa
SDA Enrique
3-9-20  /  Ram
Black TGH / 2-Horn / Tw
Dam:  SDA Skylark
SDA Laramie
3-9-20  /  Ram
Black Spotted / 2-Horn / Tw
Dam:  SDA Skylark
SDA Edmundo
3-13-20  / Ram
Black TGH / 2-Horn / Tw
Dam:  SDA Danielle
Note:  May be a blue
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